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hello, welcome to stashd


Imagine a world where you could use your face as your concert ticket, speed through an airport and board the flight without your passport or even skip the queues to collect your key at car rental and go directly to your hotel room without needing to check-in.

Sounds great right? Well here at Stashd we’re making this possible..

Our revolutionary new digital information service is transforming the way in which you and the companies you already know and love exchange information with one another. 


for individuals

Eliminate the hassle of tickets, coupons and membership cards. Forget printing your vouchers, booking confirmations and boarding passes. Even leave your identity documents safe. Because with Stashd you can replace them all with one single digital identity which cannot be forgotten, lost or stolen.

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for organisations

Improve the experience and convenience of accessing the products and services which you already provide to your customers, members and associates. Implement Stashd and realise the efficiencies of our revolutionary new digital information service.

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Safe & Secure

Tier 4 datacentres, and military grade encryptions ensure all of your information is kept nice and safe.

Planet Proud

We know we need to look after the planet we’re on. We’re helping to reduce the amount of plastic, card and paper used with physical documents and tickets.

Global Support

Our software supports all ICAO 9303 standard biometric ePassports regardless of your nationality or the issuing country.